Who We Are

Max Margin is one amongst the aggressive consulting corporations and one amongst the Best Accountants in Chennai. We tend to work with top Management of small and medium organizations to assist them to make great decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the continuous success they looking for. For over 4 years, we’ve been energetic about accomplishing better outcomes for our customers—results that go beyond financial and are interestingly customized, even-minded, comprehensive and persevering.

We provide solutions and consultation on marketing, strategy, Information Technology, organization, operations, digital transformation, sustainability and corporate finance, across all industries and geographies. Our distinctive approach to traditional change management enables clients to quantify and manage risk and beaten the undesirable results.

We convey genuine outcomes, concentrating on strategic decisions and practical activities custom fitted to our customers’ one of a kind reality. We connect all levels of an association from the very beginning, building energy and abilities to support the achievement.

What we do

  • Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Private Limited Company
  • GST Registration
  • Professional Tax
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  • We offer Finance and Accounting services to small and medium enterprises(SME’s). Our services include the entire spectrum of accounting services, from transaction processing to compliance and business analytics.
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Business Valuation:

  • A business valuation is a process of determining what your business is worth. Doing valuation is one part and convincing other party is another part.
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With the help of accurate financial reports, you can assess your company’s financial performance of the past and ongoing financial periods. We at Max Margin understand the importance of accurate financial reporting and the need for precise financial statement preparation.

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  • Employee Recruitment

Services of our company are both for the employer and the job-seekers. We at one of the best Job Consultancy in Chennai. Our Recruiting solutions are effective and connect the potential employee to his/her employer

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We at Max Margin Advisors helps you in budget advisory which will help you to allocate your budgets well and grow your business and investments

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Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online Reputation Management

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We at Max Margin ensure a sound cost management is followed to ensure an adequate supply of funds from the right source at the right cost and at the right time to the firm to meet its funding needs

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  • Research & Analysis
  • Scoping & Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • System Creation Management
  • Concept Making & Implementation
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  • Types of Company Formation to help you setup your Business (2018)

    Proprietorship: The sole proprietorship is the simplest business form under which one can operate a business. The sole proprietorship is not a legal entity. It simply refers to a person who owns the business and is personally responsible for its debts. A sole proprietorship can operate under the name of its owner or it can

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